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Cafe Verdi Express - view from outsideCafe Verdi Xpress is literally a spin off of the main restaurant “Cafe Verdi”.  This is for the business person on the go who typical wants a fast lunch, yet they do have indoor seating.

Located in the small strip on 1st Avenue downtown, there is no free parking except for some meters and a large parking garage nearby.  Most of the visitors here is for the many office buildings nearby, so that’s not an issue.

Cafe Verdi Xpress offers about 4 or 5 different specials every day, so its very easy to visit often and have a different option to choose from.  Usually the options include a fish, chicken, beef and a pasta special, and from my experience, all are decent.  Prices range from around $5 to $7 depending one what primary dish you get.  all meals come with your choice of 2 sides, of which they offer a good variety.  Ordering is often very fast and convenient.  Recently they started offering a lunch card for a little extra incentive to visit often.

Todd’s Review of the Chicken Marsala with Fried Rice and Veggies

Cafe Verdi Express - chicken marsalla with fried rice and veggiesToday’s special included a few options, but the chicken marsala jumped to me as one of the days best.  You get 3 somewhat large strips of chicken breast, lightly breaded and coated in the marsala sauce.  There are always decent sides to choose from, and unlike most downtown hotspots, there are actually healthy choices, like steamed veggies, black beans and rice and others.  The fried rice looked to good to pass up however.

While I enjoyed the chicken marsalla, I think I like Chef Remy’s version a little more.  The Cafe Verdi version has good flavor, but it’s a tad drier than I prefer.  I suppose you could ask them to add a little extra sauce when you order.  The sides are awesome though and I really like having the option to choose what I want.  The fried rice was very good and abundant and the steamed veggies really made the meal shine.  It’s more than you can eat to be honest and the quality of all the items are very good.

Cafe Verdi has many specials and I would recommend you give them a try.  This is one of the places to go if you are extra hungry, need to get food quickly or simply want to try something different.

Todd’s score: 84/100
Pros: huge portions, good taste and a great variety of sides, good value
Cons: While good, not the best marsala review I’ve made.

Cafe Verdi Express - daily specials menu Cafe Verdi Express - view of the dining area Cafe Verdi Express - view of the buffet options Cafe Verdi Express - Brandon with his order Cafe Verdi Express - chicken marsalla with black beans and rice Cafe Verdi Express - chicken marsalla with fried rice and veggies

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Horrible place to eat!

I ordered a bagel and it was hard as a rock and my husbands sandwich was burned! It took them 20 minutes and I was late to work, nothing express about Cafe Verdi Express!

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