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Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale - view from outside The Downtowner Saloon is one of those places that is practically historic for the downtown crowd.

It is literally a few minutes walk for people located in the downtown area of Fort Lauderdale, with a brief walk over the bridge (assuming it’s not up of course).

The Downtowner has a killer view of the area and offers indoor and outdoor seating, many of which have a nice casual view of the waterway allowing you to enjoy the view of million dollar yachts troll by.  The mood is certainly casual and is a great place to go to enjoy the downtown area and eat with a view.  This is one of those places that is great to wind down for lunch or after a long work day.

Downtowner Saloon
Website: Yes
Phone: (954) 463.9800
City: Fort Lauderdale
Location (map): Along New River
Delivery: No
Outdoor seating: Yes
Lunch $: $9-$20 approx.
Dinner $: same

Multiple bars and plenty of tabled seating can be found on the inside. They even do catering for large parties in a separate section of the restaurant.

Lunch prices are varied with many entries around $8.99  – $10.99 with a  few specialty items going for more.  Dinner is the same as lunch, sharing the same menu.  They have a website you can browse as well if you want to browse all the menu offerings.

Todd reviews the Fish Tacos:

Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale - Fish TacosI’ve eaten a little too well recently, so while out I am keeping an eye peeled for potential dishes that can taste great and be on the healthier side too.

I asked the waiter what dishes he recommends and a few came to mind including the French Dip sandwich, the Fish Tacos and the Mahi Islamorada.  I ordered the Fish Tacos ($8.99 plus tax) with the ‘dirty’ rice that came with it, though they allow you to switch sides to fries, slaw or potato salad.

The Fish Tacos are described in the menu as flour tortillas with red slaw and lightly blackened fish.  When they arrived at the table I started with the rice first.  Full of flavor without the need of any fattening sauces or anything, this was a nice side that complimented the meal well.  The Fish tacos were a nice surprise too!  After I put a little fresh lemon juice on my tacos I dug right in.  They were light yet had a distinct seasoned taste that just sort of worked very well.  The blackened fish had a hint of spicy but certainly was not hot.  The slaw gave it the extra zing to make for a unique and delicious meal.  Heck, I even ate the tomatoes which I usually avoid!

What I liked best about this meal is that is was something different.  It’s so easy to fall into the ‘sandwich zone’ when grabbing lunches and this was a meal that tasted great, was fairly healthy and still affordable.

Todd’s score: 88/100
Pros: Good portions, tasty and unique flavors, good value, nice view
Cons: Located on ‘the other’ side of the river requires a walk over the bridge for most.

Brandon’s review of the Mahi Islamodara:

Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale - Mahi IslamoradaLike Todd, I’ve been pigging out a lot lately and so when our waiter mentioned that the house specialties included fish tacos and a Mahi sandwich, I thought it sounded like a perfect fit for my lunchtime craving (and waistline) on this day.  I’ve eaten many mahi sandwiches over the years and most of the time they are somewhat bland, lacking flavor and overall an average meal. The Downtowner’s rendition of the Mahi sandwich was quite the opposite of what I’ve experienced in the past and therefore was a delight to my eyes and taste buds.

The sandwich arrived open faced and covered with sauteed onions and swiss cheese (I asked that they hold the mushrooms), with raw onions, lettuce and tomato on the side along with the top of the bun, tartar sauce, a lemon and a plentiful offering of fresh, crispy french fries.  The mahi itself was blackened with various spices and the overall sandwich when put together looked quite appetizing. I wasn’t disappointed in the least after taking my first few bites. The sandwich is quite delicious and surely the best mahi fish sandwich I’ve ever had.  As I mentioned previously, most mahi sandwiches I’ve had prior to this experience lack depth of flavor, however this dish is certainly the exception. I quickly ate the entire sandwich and french fries which were cooked perfectly and also delicious.  Although the meal is a tad expensive for an everyday lunch at $11.95, I won’t hesitate to order it again in the future given how tasty and different it was.  For a healthier overall experience I could have gone with potato salad or rice but I am a sucker for good french fries. All in all a great meal in a great location. Highly recommended!

Brandon’s score: 87/100
Pros: Best mahi sandwich I’ve ever had; French fries are crispy and delicious; great atmosphere and view
Cons: Price a little high for an everyday lunch; walking over the bridge from downtown will be hot in the summer

Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale - view from the inside Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale - indoor seating part 2 Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale - sits on the waterway for a nice view Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale - outdoor seating

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