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The Cove - View of Restaurant EntranceThe Cove is a restaurant/bar located on the beautiful intracoastal in Deerfield Beach.  If you are coming from Fort Lauderdale, it’s about a 25 minute drive up 95 North and a couple miles east on Hillsboro Blvd.

On the south side of the restaurant is a Marina that provides a tropical view of boats and yachts.   The eastern edge of the restaurant sits on the intracoastal waterway and provides killer views of the water.

Have a lunch, dinner or cocktail at the Cove and you’ll say to yourself “That’s why I live in Florida!”  The views and the ambiance all lend themselves to a peaceful and pleasant reminder why we all live in south Florida.

The Cove Restaurant
Website: Yes
Phone: (954) 421.9272
City: Deerfield Beach
Location (map): Intracoastal
Delivery: No
Outdoor seating: Yes
Lunch $: $15-$17 approx.
Dinner $: $20-$30 approx.

The restaurant itself is quite large and has an open feeling with its high ceilings.  While hundreds can easily sit inside, when the weather is nice, you’ll find everyone outside under the canopy or in the sun at little tables on the patio.  No matter where you are, you’ll be enjoying the tranquility of the boats slowly cruising through the water.

I don’t usually include ‘service’ as measurable item in my reviews, but I will add that our waitress “CC” and the owner “Sue” were both extremely pleasant and even added to an already excellent experience.  I felt like I was on vacation even though I was just grabbing lunch.  The Cove has a great combination of service, wonderful views and great food.

Todd’s Review of the Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich

The Cove - Blackened Prime Rib SandwichThe Cove has separate lunch and dinner menus.  The lunch menu has some dishes that just look like they hopped over from the dinner menu.  The Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich is one of those.

While not exactly a sandwich, it is described in the menu as “open faced” and served with mushrooms, peppers, onions and provolone cheese and topped with bordelaise (rich red wine/beef sauce).

What they don’t say is that this is a meal fit for a king!  It’s very large portions are actually trumped by its exquisite taste.  The open faced roll is toasted and actually taste similar to garlic bread loaded with flavor.  The Prime Rib is tender, huge and bursting with flavor… and if that wasn’t enough, all those sautéed veggies and bordelaise really put it over the top.  The fries are simply a bonus.

I really think I’ve found a new favorite dish.  It’s unique and full of excellent taste, which is the primary attribute I base my scoring system on.  I literally cannot think of a negative thing about this experience other than its not ‘cheap’.  For $14.99, you are getting a fantastic dish with a killer view.  This is what being in Florida is all about.

The Blackened Prime Rib is one of those meals you gotta try at least once!

Todd’s score: 96/100
Pros: Superb taste, large portions, killer water views
Cons: a little pricey (but not bad considering atmosphere), parking requires valet even at lunch time ( unless you don’t mind a couple minute walk)

The Cove - View from outdoor patio area The Cove - Nice view of the intracoastal waterway The Cove - dine under the sun

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[…] The fries were thin shoestring style which is not my favorite presentation for french fries.  It feels like you have to work to hard to get a good amount in your hands.  Also, the au jus sauce was a little on the weak side.  Had it been more robust and seasoned, it would have made for an all-star combination.  While excellent, there is one other Prime Rib Sandwich that scored a higher score, and that’s one from The Cove Restaurant in Deerfield Beach. […]

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