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Tom Jenkins BAR-B-Q signTom Jenkins BAR-B-Q (BBQ) is one of downtown Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secrets.  It’s not a chain restaurant and tht is the key to their success.  They focus on one thing… making delicious, slow cooked BBQ.

Getting to Tom Jenkins BBQ is pretty easy.  They are located on the east side of Federal highway just north of 17th street.  Perhaps a 5 minute drive from the heart of downtown.  Parking can be an issue sometimes, so do what we do… get there a little early.  Also to save yourself a 15 minute wait, call your order in before you go.

The restaurant itself is small and quaint with picnic tables filling most of the space inside the restaurant.  Everytime I go here for lunch there are always a large number of patrons eating in.  One thing that hits you is the delectable smell of smoked BBQ as soon as you enter the restaurant.  If you weren’t hungry before you walked in, you will be after you’re inside.

Todd’s Review of the BBQ Chicken Sandwich Platter:

Tom Jenkins BAR-B-Q - BBQ Chicken Breast Sandwich PlatterMy “go to” meal at Tom Jenkin’s is the Boneless Chicken Breast Sandwich Platter.  At only $6.99, this is truly one of Fort Lauderdale’s best deals.  The ‘combo’ comes with the sandwich (which they intelligently separate the meat from the bun to preserve it for the ride back to the office), side of killer BBQ sauce, french fries and perfectly seasoned baked beans.  These are the sides I get, but you can also choose from cole slaw, corn on the cob, collard greens, mac n cheese and potato salad.

The food itself is dynamite.  The chicken breast is tender and juicy and delicately smoked in their large BBQ grill.  What makes this meal sing is the perfect BBQ sauce and I have to say, those baked beans are flawless too.  Tom Jenkin’s has the downtown area locked down if you are in search for great BBQ.  Today I got chicken, but they have great looking beef and pork on the menu as well.

Come hungry because their sandwich platters will satisfy a healthy appetite.  I highly recommend anybody to try Tom Jenkins BBQ.  Great food and very reasonable prices… this is a local eatery worth visiting!

Todd’s score: 91/100
Pro: great value, BBQ to die for, large quantity, good sides
Con: restaurant is a little small if eating indoors, parking can be a little tough.

Todd’s Review of the Jumbo Chopped Pork Platter:

Tom Jenkins BBQ - Jumbo Chopped Pork PlatterToday I wanted to try something different.  I’ve had shredded/chopped pork BBQ sandwiches before from a variety of chain restaurants, but had never gotten it from Tom Jenkins BBQ.

I tried to call my order in today, but their phone went straight to voice mail and their mailbox was full.  Parking was not a problem today, but I will note if you were eating in, you may have to wait a few minutes, as every single seat was filled, including the 3 picnic tables they had out back!  Luckily, my order was for carryout.

I saw a “New, Try this” advertisement for the Jumbo sized Chopped Pork sandwich.  That’s what I was going to order, but my as well go big, right?  For 40 cents extra, I took the gamble.

When I got back to the office, I am happy to say the fries were still crispy and everything was hot and ready to eat.  As usual, the baked beans and fries were just right.  While ‘assembling’ my chopped pork sandwich (the bun is kept separate from the meat) I noticed they give you enough pork to make 2 sandwiches! Toward the end of the meal I was pouring BBQ sauce on the remaining pork and enjoying it until the very last bite.

The Chopped Pork has a strong and distinct smoked flavor that really lets the natural flavors of the pork pop out.  It’s different than the competition and remarkably better.  Tom Jenkins BBQ does it again and apparently the word is already out based on the amount of patrons the restaurant had.  If you want the best BBQ, Tom Jenkins BBQ is where you go.

Todd’s score: 94/100
Pros: fresh fries, fresh chopped pork, tastes great, large portions, good prices ($7.39 for the jumbo size, $6.99 for regular).
Cons: sparse seating, couldn’t call order in.

Tom Jenkins BAR-B-Q - Grill master at work Tom Jenkins BAR-B-Q menu Tom Jenkins BAR-B-Q - Inside the restaurant Tom Jenkins BAR-B-Q - Brandon carrying the motherload Tom Jenkins BBQ - Smoke stacks billowing means great food to come

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Great review, going to give it a try!

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I agree that Tom Jenkins is one of the best kept secrets for locals here in Fort Lauderdale. They smoke their BBQ and it really makes for a superior flavor. Lunch or dinner, you can never go wrong. Their BBQ sauce is the bomb!

I love this place..I was in Fort Lauderdale .And was my favorite place.I live in Los Angeles.I love all the food at this place.Very nice customer service .Food is the best and the price to..

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