Victoria Park Greek Diner Review


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Victoria Park Greek Diner - restaurant viewVictoria Park Greek Diner is located on Sunrise Blvd, about 5 minutes from downtown Ft. Lauderdale.  This is a prior location for a Miami Subs, for which the old drive through signs are still visible.

This restaurant has all the typical diner food including breakfast, lunch (hot and cold sandwiches) and dinner.  Their menu is actually quite massive.  What makes this place special is they offer practically every known Greek dish every made.  I was in awe looking through the menu to be honest.  There is a youtube video online that showcases their restaurant if you’d like to check it out.

Parking is an issue as every spot was literally taken up in the lot, so we parked at the overly large Arby’s lot right next door.  Waiting for a table was non existent as we sat down immediately.

Pricing is decent with lunch and dinner options coming in well below $10.

Todd’s Review of the Gyro Opa

Victoria Park Greek Diner - traditional gyro with lettuce, onion and feta cheeseLooking at their menu can actually take some time to sift through.  They have huge sections of entrees to peruse.  My all time favorite Greek dish though is a traditional Gyro (pronounced year-row for all your circus fans).  The Gyro Opa is available as a lunch special for $7.49 and comes with fries, cola and your choice of soup.

I can honestly say its just about too much food.  Having enjoyed a cup of their Avgolemeno Chicken Lemon Greek soup I couldn’t quite finish the entire plate of fries.

The Gyro Opa is served in a warmed pita bread with lamb meat that is cut from a wheel (the real deal!) and comes with tomato and onion with tzatziki sauce (greek yogurt).  I removed the tomato and added lettuce and feta cheese, just how I enjoyed gyro’s when I grew up in Michigan.

The pita was fresh and moist which is key for a successful gyro.  The meat comes from a large skewer was loaded with spiced flavor.  It is key that I mention they use my preferred source of gyro meat… the kind that is carved off a large vertical skewer that is rotating slowly around a broiler.  Many places that offer gyros use the pre-fabricated frozen slices which I am not a fan of at all.

While the soup was decent, the gyro really shined as a winner.  All fresh ingredients made for a delicious lunch and one that provides value and choice.   I’m always on the look out for a good Greek restaurant and am glad to have finally found one close to downtown.

Todd’s Score: 87/100
Pros: Good pricing, Superb Greek menu, great gyro that uses traditional meat, good portions, fast seating
Cons: Parking is an issue

Victoria Park Greek Diner - dining area Victoria Park Greek Diner - a cup of soup comes with the lunch special Victoria Park Greek Diner - chicken gyro with fries Victoria Park Greek Diner - traditional gyro with lettuce, onion and feta cheese

Downtown Deli Review


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Downtown Deli - eat outside, but under a roof

Downtown Deli - eat outside, but under a roof

Downtown Deli has been at its current location for decades.  I would be willing to bet that many people in the downtown area don’t even know it exists due to its unique location.

Situated on the first floor of the 6 story parking deck (across from the Library) lies a mini mall with a handful of shops and restaurants.  Downtown Deli has plenty of seating both indoors and out.  It’s one of the few spots I know of where you can eat outside even when its pouring rain.

They are open for breakfast and lunch every weekday and offer a mix of dishes, mostly American cuisine, but I will also add that one of their top dishes is their Wednesday special – Indian Curry.

While not the most charming ambiance in the downtown area, they do have a unique location that will be very convenient for some, and their bang for the buck menu will please many more.

Todd’s review of the Chicken Ceasar Pita:

Downtown Deli - Chicken Ceasar PitaI have frequented Downtown Deli (DTD) for a number of years.  Their close proximity to my work makes them very convenient to get to.  When I scratch my head thinking of what to do for lunch, I can always rely on DTD to deliver something tasty.

The chicken ceasar pita is one of my favorites.  The pita is warmed perfectly on the large griddle in the kitchen.  Then a simple combination of chicken strips, lettuce, ceasar dressing and a little grated parm cheese are mixed and rolled into the pita.  Most sandwiches have the option of french fries or fruit as the side.  I chose french fries, and they give you more fries than you can eat.

At $6.95, the chicken ceasar pita (and fries) come in at a price point that is about as cheap as you are going to get downtown, with the exception of fast food of course.

This dish is decent and is something different than the norm.  While not gourmet by any means, it is tasty and satisfies.  The fries are always fresh out of the fryer, but they are not seasoned with salt at all… so be sure to grab a salt packet to spruce em up.

All in all I would recommend this dish because it is unique and affordable.  While very convenient for some downtown workers, the lack of free parking may be a pain for others.

Todd’s score: 77/100
: Inexpensive, ceasar dressing is good, great seating options, fast to order
Cons: Fries are so so, ambiance is below average, needs more side options

Todd’s review of the Indian Curry

Downtown Deli - Indian Curry Special Every Wednesday Downtown Deli has a special which features their Indian Curry which has chicken and potatoes in the sauce served on heaping mounds of white rice.

I’ll be the first to admit that the photo doesn’t exactly look appetizing, but it certainly makes up for looks with flavor.  The aroma is abnormally strong too… good if you are about to eat it, but torture for those coworkers that haven’t made it out to lunch yet.

When I order this meal to go, I always ask for extra sauce just to be sure there is enough for all the rice.  It makes for a large meal that you will be completely satisfied with.

Their version of Indian Curry is usually fairly spicy and robust with great flavor.  the ingredients are simple but its the type of meal that you just want to inhale bite after bite.  Considering there are very few Indian restaurants near downtown Fort Lauderdale, this will be a real treat for its affordability, taste and convenience.

Todd’s score: 85/100
Pros: Pretty cheap for Indian cuisine, good taste, large quantity
Cons: Only available on Wednesdays, not exactly ‘gourmet’