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California Burgers and Shakes - view of the restaurant from the outsideUpdate:  As of 2011, we realized this restaurant is closed.  Most likely due to the poor location and lack of traffic…

Expanding TasteCritics.com coverage of restaurants we decide to venture outside the city limits of downtown Fort Lauderdale and head to the Galleria Mall on sunrise Blvd.  Directly across the street from the mall is a small plaza where Califoria Burgers and Shakes is located.

The only reason we took the 10 minute ride to get here (from downtown) is to see for ourselves if this burger joint stacks up to the competition.  Having been tipped off that they are good, the best way to know for sure is to go check it out, and that’s what we did.

The restaurant is very easy to miss.  We did not see a sign out front advertising that it existed, however a ‘sign boy’ was out front by the street doing a little manual advertising.

Once inside, things were fairly basic and straight to the point.  There were perhaps a dozen tables or so and a casual environment to dine in.  One jab I must deliver is that there was visible smoke everywhere, like a haze or fog was in the restaurant.  I don’t know if the vent system was broken or not, but it shouldn’t be that way.  I’m all for fresh flame broiled burgers, but breathing in the smoke I’ll take on the side please.

The menu is very clean and simple with burgers, hot dogs and some salad options.  We were even told of a double Big Kahuna Burger some guy ate there recently (2 pounds of beef)!!  It was an easy sell, burgers for all!

Todd reviews the double cheeseburger with fries:

California Burgers and Shakes - might fine french friesCalifornia Burgers and Shakes - double cheeseburger with onion, lettuce, mayo, mustard and ketchup On Friday, nothing makes the Taste Critics crew happier than trying a new hamburger.  We browsed the menu and promptly ordered our burgers exactly how we like them.  I got a double patty cheese burger (each patty is 3oz) with lettuce, raw onion, mayo, mustard and ketchup.  We split a side of fries and got cokes.  All in all the meal will cost each person about $8 each.

Everything was made fresh, as you order it.  After about 7 minutes or so everything was ready.  We picked up the order and brought it to our table with much anticipation…

I dabbed a little ketchup on my burger and took a big bite and was instantly delighted with what my taste buds were telling me.  My favorite burger of all time is Five Guys, and this burger was almostexactly the same!   The beef was fresh and flavorful and the condiments were in just the right amounts making for a fabulous taste.  Trying to find a flaw is difficult, but if I had to pinpoint one it would be the bun.  Somehow it was just typical and ordinary (where five guys has a certain sweetness that’s hard to describe), but thankfully it didn’t take away from the great burger.

The fries were excellent too with a fresh potato flavor a lot of fries seem to lack. They put on some kind of mild cajun seasoning and a perfect amount of salt.  The fries are up there as some of the best I’ve had.  One order of fries is enough to share with two people.  Lastly I must add that I got a peppermint shake to go.  I feel like a glutton because I got a litle of everything, but they are called “California Burgers and Shakes“… so I had to try one, right?  The shake is very smooth and tasty, without being too rich.  I like the extra touch of the ‘hose straw’ too, which is perfect for a shake.  The straw was big enough to put my finger into.

In conclusion, I highly recommend California Burgers and Shakes, they truly rival my favorite burger place, Five Guys.  Give them a try and see who you like better.

Todd’s score: 87/100
Pros: great burger, great fries, great shake – Taste to the max!
Cons: It’s hard to find a real flaw in the quality of the food to be honest.  The restaurant was a little smokey when we visited.

California Burgers and Shakes - easy menu California Burgers and Shakes - seating inside California Burgers and Shakes - Peppermint Shake

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