Red Hot Shack Restaurant Review

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Red Hot Shack Restaurant - A funky little shackThe last beacon of civilization before you go too far south of the downtown Fort Lauderdale area would be where the red Hot Shack Restaurant is. Go any more south on Federal Highway and you’re headed to the airport or beyond.

This ‘shack’ really has an identity problem. You can easily imagine this being on a beach somewhere or along a boardwalk, but as you look around you see the fuel storage fields across the street and the sound of jets taking off from the airport… very industrial.

Parking is very sparse with only 4 spots (and 1 handicap) spot available. There are other parking lots for nearby businesses you can use though.

The staff was bubbly and very friendly. Even though they were talkative and jokey, they were very efficient at taking your order and delivering your food promptly.

In a nutshell, they have a simple menu with some hamburgers, hot dogs, wings and tamales. Daily specials have some funky and unique options, including…

Todd reviews the Chili Cheese Burger:

Red Hot Shack Restaurant - chili cheese burgerThe Friday special included a chili cheese dog or burger. Add a bag of chips and a beverage and your looking to spend $6.35 (after tax). Pretty cheap for any lunch that’s not delivered from a national fast food chain.

Because the service was so friendly, its hard to have to jump into the negatives so quickly, but to keep the review honest I feel I have to.

The burger was really nothing special. The chili and cheese did add some uniqueness and it was flavorful, however the burger itself was completely lost and almost seemed like it wasn’t there at all. Inspecting the goodies in the bun you can see the burger isn’t exactly huge. At least the toppings sort of made up for it.

The burger, chips and drink made for a modest but filling meal, but at the same time you might be looking for a little snack around 2PM.

As I ate through the burger I couldn’t pinpoint any part of the meal I would go out of my way to recommend. It was cheap food with great service. The location is unique and could make for a make or break scenario… perhaps the Tamales are something to try during a future visit?

Todd’s score: 66/100
Pros: cheap, casual atmosphere, very friendly service
Cons: absolutely nothing special about the food

Red Hot Shack Restaurant - casual seating outside Red Hot Shack Restaurant - daily specials menu

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