Meal Ratings

We review many restaurants, but we review even more dishes!  Use the table below as a dining guide to view our favorite dishes and meals, with the best listed on top.

Meal: Restaurant Name Reviewed By: Score:
Cheese Burger/sweet potato fries J. Mark’s Restaurant Brandon 98/100
Cheeseburger and fries BurgerFi Todd 97/100
Buffalo Chicken Hoagie Laspada’s Todd 97/100
Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich The Cove Todd 96/100
Blue Peppercorn Burger/fries J. Mark’s Restaurant Todd 96/100
Burger and fries Five Guys Todd 95/100
Chopped Pork BBQ Sandwich Tom Jenkins BBQ Todd 94/100
Panang Curry with Shrimp Siam Cuisine Todd 93/100
Pizza (deep dish) Jet’s Pizza Todd 92/100
Chicken BBQ Sandwich Siam CuisineTom Jenkins BBQ Todd 92/100
Prime Rib Sandwich YOLO Todd 90/100
Italian Special Hoagie Laspada’s Todd 90/100
Grilled Chicken Baguette Big City Tavern Brandon 89/100
Beef Burrito Tijuana Flats Brandon 89/100
Gourmet Cheese Steak Mr Nick’s Sub Shoppe Todd 88/100
Double ShackBurger and fries Shake Shack Todd 88/100
Fish Tacos Downtowner Saloon Todd 88/100
Meatloaf and Potato Argentelle Cafe Todd 88/100
Burger and fries California Burgers & Shakes Todd 87/100
Gyro Opa Victoria Park Greek Diner Todd 87/100
Mahi Islamorada Downtowner Saloon Brandon 87/100
Roasted Pork and Potato Argentelle Cafe Todd 86/100
Pizza w/ meatball Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Brandon 86/100
Chicken Marsala Argentelle Cafe Todd 86/100
Sirloin Gorgonzola Burger Big City Tavern Todd 86/100
Indian Curry Downtown Deli Todd 85/100
Beach Club Sandwich Jimmy John’s Brandon 85/100
Gyro Platter Copper Kettle Todd 84/100
Ginger Thai Bowl with Salmon Offerdahl’s Cafe Todd 84/100
Club Tuna Sandwich Jimmy John’s Todd 84/100
Chicken Marsala & Fried Rice Cafe Verdi Xpress Todd 84/100
Firehouse Hero Sub Firehouse Todd 84/100
Pizza w/ meatball and ricotta Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Todd 83/100
Tuna Salad Sandwich Daily Squeeze Todd 82/100
Billy Club Sandwich Jimmy John’s Todd 82/100
Pizza Steak Sub Mr Nick’s Sub Shoppe Todd 82/100
Chicken Panang Curry Galanga Thai Kitchen Todd 79/100
Chicken Ceasar Pita Downtown Deli Todd 77/100
Classic Smash Burger Smashburger Todd 75/100
Stir Fried Chicken Argentelle Cafe Todd 75/100
Vito Italian Sub Jimmy John’s Todd 73/100
Chicken cordon Bleu Argentelle Cafe Todd 70/100
Chili Cheese Burger Red Hot Shack Todd 66/100
Bootlegger Club Sandwich Jimmy John’s Todd 62/100
Spicy Shrimp Bowl Offerdahl’s Cafe Grill Todd 42/100

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