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Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza - View from outside the restaurantIf pizza is your thing, then practically every city in the United States is loaded with pizza parlors.  Finding one that’s unique or special is the hard part.

Anthony’s has restaurants all over south Florida and a few other locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania.  The one we reviewed today is about a mile from downtown Fort Lauderdale off of Federal Highway.

Dining inside the restaurant has a clean and high end feel, yet retains a touch of a casual sports bar with the various flat screen TVs peppered around.  This place does seem to have its fans too, getting a table at noon was no problem, but by the time we left there were at least 20 people waiting for tables!  Thursday is a popular day for pizza I guess!

The name “Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza” is catchy and makes you want to see what a difference “coal fired” does to a pizza.  Having browsed their menu online I saw there were a few inexpensive items that can be found for lunch, where as the dinner menu is quite a bit higher in price.  Since they don’t deliver, we made it a lunch for today’s review of…

Todd reviews the Coal Fired Pizza with Meatballs and Ricotta Cheese:

Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza - A large Meatball and Ricotta Cheese pizzaAnthony’s traditionally serves meatball toppings with ricotta cheese, so I went with their suggestion and we ordered a large pizza to share between two people.  That meant $14.50 for a base large pizza (versus $6.50 for a personal lunch size), but there was certainly more food and a guarantee to have some left overs, so that’s what we did.

When the pizza arrived it certaily looked like a large pizza.  The waitress kindly served the first slice to each of us and it was time to test out the first piece.

After just a few bites I was surprised how ‘heavy’ it was. Powerful flavor and with the heftiness of Lasagna, this was no wimpy pizza!  The Ricotta cheese compliments the meatball well and makes for a solid meal, however I will note that it didn’t take long to start to feel full.  After two slices of a large pizza I was plenty satisfied.  This pizza takes on the persona of a heavy pasta dish, so a little goes a long way.

At the conclusion of lunch I found myself wanting a lighter pizza that was easier to eat.  I did like the thin crust and crispy edges that got singed during the coal fire oven process, but overall it was just a bit heavier than I had wanted.

Todd’s Score: 83/100
Touch of gourmet, nice restaurant ambiance
Cons: Pizza was too heavy to eat more than a couple slices, flavor was practically too strong

Brandon’s review of the Coal Fired Pizza with Meatballs:

Todd and I shared a large pizza with half meatball/Ricotta and half just meatball and regular cheese. I have eaten at Anthony’s several times previously and I’m not a huge fan of Ricotta cheese so I was the one who ordered the regular meatball and cheese side, though I did have a slice of the ricotta.  The pizza is actually delicious and definitely has a different taste than most given that it is cooked in a”coal fired” oven.

Despite being somewhat thin (I generally prefer thick-crust), the pizza was quite hearty with the cheese and many small meatballs. In fact I commented that there were enough meatballs on a few slices of the pizza to make up a decent sized hamburger. The sauce used by Anthony’s seems to be a type of marinara and compliments the pizza quite well. I found it to be a bit sweet which I do tend to prefer.

The crust of the pizza was good and and had a nice, unique taste except on the edges which were slightly burnt.  I know that some people like overcooked crusts however I am not one of those people. I prefer my pizza crusts to be chewy and definitely not blackened however I guess that’s the “coal fired” style.

One word of caution – If you are going to eat Anthony’s for the first time I would suggest that you eat at the restaurant versus carrying out. Reason being that the pizza tends to get cold and soggy very quickly (I’ve carried out a few times). In the restaurant the pizza is delicious and fresh but even after a 10 minute car ride home, the quality gets downgraded dramatically.

All in all, Anthony’s is one of my favorite pizza places and certainly destroys the typical quick delivery places like Domino’s and Papa Johns.

Brandon’s Score: 86/100
Delicious pizza, very filling; reasonable prices;  upscale feel
Cons: Pizza crust is too crispy for my liking; doesn’t travel well so carryout not recommended

Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza - indoor seating area Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza - 2 slices to go

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