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Jet's Pizza new location on Oakland Park

Jet’s Pizza new location on Oakland Park

Post revision 5-23-2013: Jet’s has moved from their old location on Federal Highway to this one on Oakland park (between 95 and Federal).  The new location has it’s own parking and is a larger facility with indoor seating that has air conditioning which is an improvement from the old location.  I wasn’t able to get free wi-fi any longer, but I’ll take AC over wifi.  The stats below have been revised to be up to date.  Same great deep dish pizza,new location…

I’ll admit, my photo doesn’t make Jet’s Pizza look that impressive.  From the parking lot, it’s just another store in a row of many other stores and doesn’t really stand out, however lurking beyond those walls is a little secret I’m about to let out.

Jet’s Pizza is a chain that has locations in about a dozen states, yet south east Florida has but one location, this one that is located off of Oakland Park Blvd (between i95 and Federal Highway).  For people working in downtown Fort Lauderdale, it’s a solid 10 minute drive, but ordering is quick and simple so you can still do a round trip in under an hour.

Jet’s Pizza
Website: Yes
Phone: (954) 565.5387
City: Fort Lauderdale
Location (map): Oakland Park Blvd
Delivery: Yes
Outdoor seating: No
Lunch $: $5 – $7
Dinner $: same

Jet’s delivers, allows for pickup, and has three casual tables for those that want to eat fresh pizza indoors.

Jet’s menu is very simple… deep dish pizza is the flagstone with some other items like chicken wings, salads and some deli subs.  My advice to you is to make your first visit a successful one and just get yourself a slice (or entire pie) of deep dish pizza.

Todd’s review of the Deep Dish Pizza:

Jet's Pizza - 2 slices and a coke lunch specialWalking into Jet’s a lovely little sign makes ordering lunch easy.  I can get 2 slices of pizza and a 20 oz coke for $4.99.  Easy and cheap, so I was game.

The gentleman behind the counter was courteous and asked if my food was consistent on my visits, inquiring about quality.   I found the interest in my visits a great gesture.

I made my order and was asked if I wanted a corner piece or middle piece.  Unsure, I got one of each so I could sample both.  He heated my slices under a heat lamp briefly (for about a minute) to get it to that perfect temperature.  I grabbed my slices, coke and went outside to give things a try.

I sprinkled on a little hot pepper and parmcheese and then tested out the first bite.  I could tell the pizza was fresh, the crust was a perfect consistency of crunchy and chewy and the cheese was practically too hot.   After a few bites I had a nice rythm going and the flavors were jumping out.  The cheese is not greasy at all and had a semi sweet and light quality that made for a wonderful taste.  The red sauce was a perfect medium blend of everything.  What really makes these tastes combine perfectly is the texture of the deep dish crust.  It really needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Jet's Pizza - I bite into a perfect slice of deepdish pizzaThe second slice of pizza was absolutely perfect.  Having cooled slightly after a few minutes it was at the perfect temperature to be consumed.  The cheese was still hot, but not as goey as the first slice.  Everything just seemed to sing in a harmonious note that reinforced that I was eating a pretty near perfect piece of pizza.

This is one of the few foods that really take things to a new level of enjoyment because of the texture and consistency of the food.

Take two slices of perfect deep dish pizza, a coke and a low price tag and you’ve got yourself a lot of value and a perfect lunch.

Todd’s Score: 92/100
Pros: Most importantly: pizza has wonderful taste and texture, nice and cheap (lunch special).
Cons: none… maybe they could use more locations near my house!

Jet's Pizza - inside is for ordering only Jet's Pizza - logo Jet's Pizza - 2 slices of deepdish pizza Jet's Pizza - outside eating area

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