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Daily Squeeze - restaurant viewThe Daily Squeeze is one of a handful of restaurants peppered in a relatively small plaza off of 2nd avenue, near the library and the City Park parking garage in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Like other lunch eateries here, quick parking can be an issue, since there are only  handful of metered spots available.  There is a parking garage nearby however if you don’t mind the extra work.

Seating consists of only a few plastic picnic tables located directly outside.  Indoors is sparse and function only.

The Daily Squeeze has made a niche for themselves by offering organic and healthy options, mainly in the form of sandwiches, soups and fruit smoothies.  I’ve heard the folks making the sandwiches refer to the bread as “the worlds healthiest bread”… yet it looks like Arnolds whole grain.  It does make for a hearty and tasty sandwich though.

Pricing is simple, but perplexing.  A flat rate of $10 gets you a sandwich with your choice of toppings, cup of soup or bag of chips and beverage or fruit smoothie.  There is no real bad choice, but I will add that I have seen 4 different prices for this lunch deal over the last two months. $6,$7, $8 and $10 (I missed the $9, or they skipped it).  What you get has stayed the same, but the pricing has been increasing lately.

Todd’s Review of the Tuna Salad sandwich and the chicken corn chowder soup

Daily Squeeze - Tuna Salad sandwich and chicken corn chowder soupWhen I visited the Daily Squeeze today it was drizzling rain and a bit cold outside, so foot traffic to this restaurant was slower than usual.  I was able to walk right up to the counter and make my order. There is a usual 2-3 minute wait on a typical sunny day.

I ordered their Tuna Salad sandwich and as with their other sandwiches, I get to choose my toppings which include some nice exotic choices like avocado, sprouts, dried cranberry, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes and many more.  The only weak spot in their offerings is in the cheese… cheddar (which is strong in my opinion) or feta (which doesn’t go with everything).  It would be nice if they had swiss or provolone.  Regardless of this, these sandwiches carve a space for their own.  The toppings available are healthy, tasty and really make a difference.

Upon initial glance, the sandwich doesn’t look any bigger than something you’d make at home, but somehow it is different and its packed with ingredients.  After this lunch you’ll be stuffed.  Taste wise you’ll enjoy the things that make this sandwich unique, but when it comes down to it, I prefer a good hoagie roll (like Laspada’s or Jimmy John’s), but at least I know I am eating healthy.

Before diving into the sandwich I got a cup of their Chicken Corn Chowder in lei of a smoothie or chips/drink.  If I had to pick my favorite part of the meal, this is it.  This soup is dynamite and I could make it a meal in itself.  It’s rich, heavily seasoned and spicy.  One spoonful is packed with lots of visible spices and texture.  I highly recommend this soup.

To top it all off, they threw in a handful of blue berries and a single chocolate chip cookie.  By the time you eat it all, you are very satisfied and full.

I like that what they offer is organic and healthy and its a chance to get some rare vegetables into my diet that would usually be quite difficult for a typical lunch.  The pricing for the Daily Squeeze is a concern however, at $10 its just a lot to pay for a sandwich, even with the great soup and other sides.  I’ve seen them experiment with prices ranging from $6 to $10.  I’d say $7 perhaps $8 would be where their offerings are best suited, but if you must eat healthier, then perhaps the premium is worth it.

Todd’s Score: 76/100
Pros: Dynamite soup! Gourmet toppings, healthy/organic ingredients, good portions
Cons: $10 as it was priced today is just too much, it is a sandwich between 2 pieces of bread afterall

Daily Squeeze - making a sandwich

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