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Firehouse Subs - view of the restarauntFirehouse is one of the fastest growing chains in the US, with locations popping up all over the place.  Residents of downtown Fort Lauderdale are about a 7 minute drive to the closest one, which is located in the Harbor Shops Plaza off of 17th street (west of the bridge).  Firehousesubs.com shows 3 Firehouse Subs within a stones throw of downtown, and 8 locations total in Broward County.

Parking is never a problem, but getting in and out of the plaza always requires just a little work due to the busy intersection on 17th street.

The restaurant is casual and has plenty of seating and even a couple tables outside.  Lively and colorful decoration give patrons the feeling they are at a mini Firehouse attraction.  They are also kid friendly as I see children getting free firehats when they come into Firehouse.

Todd’s review of the Firehouse Hero Sub

Firehouse Subs - Firehouse Hero SubFor a little under $8, you can get a ‘medium’ sized (8 inch) sub combo, which comes with a fountain drink and a bag of chips.  While bigger than a subway sub, its actually just a little smaller (or significantly smaller) than the other subs and hoagies we’ve reviewed recently.  Regardless of this, the combo makes for a satisfying meal that will fill you up.

What makes Firehouse subs unique is that their subs are served hot.  The meat is steamed prior to assembly and it makes for a different experience.  Subs are made “fully involved” which means complete with mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion and a dillpickle on the side.  As always, I have them hold the tomato.  The Hero sub is a 3-meat combo sub with roast beef, turkey and ham, topped with provolone cheese.  It’s a hearty sub with lots of great flavors going on!

For the best experience, I recommend eating in the restaurant (versus taking it back to the office).  Hot subs don’t seem to survive the trip back as well as some meals do.  They cool off and the bread can get a little soggy.  Eating it fresh however makes for a wonderful experience and this is where Firehouse Subs shines best.

Firehouse Subs - a sampling of the many hot sauces you can tryThe first few bites are always the best… everything is in its place and the meat is still plenty hot.  Browsing through their hot sauce collection and adding some kick to my subs adds some charisma to a (usually) boring sub eating experience.  Almost every sub I eat ends up spicy because I put a couple teaspoons of hot sauce on it.  I also like the large variety of hot sauces they have…  I see sauces here that I have never seen in stores before, so it makes it fun to experiment each time you visit.

With so many sandwich/sub/hoagie places to visit, it often makes for a difficult decision as to where to go, but Firehouse does carve a unique niche with their hot sauces and hot subs.  They are certainly better than subway and Quizno’s, and they offer a different taste than some of the other highly rated places like Laspada’s and Jimmy Johns.

Todd’s score: 84/100
Pros: great hot sub when eaten fresh at restaurant, decent value, awesome hot sauces to choose from
Cons: subs don’t travel so well

Firehouse Subs - view from the inside Firehouse Subs - decorated like a firehouse with real equipment

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