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Offerdahls Cafe Grill - view from outsideOfferdahl’s Cafe Grill is located on the first floor plaza of a large office building on 5th avenue in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale.  There are 7 Offerdahl’s locations within 15 miles of  the downtown area.  For workers downtown however, it doesn’t get much easier than this to visit.

Offerdahl’s Cafe Grill has a unique menu of relatively healthy offerings including bagels (for breakfast) and lunch/dinner offerings including salads, sandwiches, soups and their signature entrees consisting of ‘chop bowls’ which are basically a chicken/salmon/beef diced on top of chopped veggies/rice/slaw.

The only parking available are a handful of metered spots along 5th avenue and some parking garages that are nearby.  Lunch pricing is a little higher than some of the local eateries, but their unique offerings help compensate for that.

Todd’s Review of the Ginger Thai Bowl with Grilled Salmon

Offerdahls Cafe Grill - Ginger Thai with SalmonIt seems as if there are a million sandwich shops in the area, so when I come to Offerdahl’s I get what makes them unique.  Their chop bowls entrees offer unique flavors and relatively guilt free eating because of all the fresh ingredients.

The Ginger Thai bowl comes with rice, diced cucumber, ginger slaw (which is great), scallions and peanuts.  It is then topped with just off the grill diced chicken.  You can however (at no extra charge) swap out the chicken for either beef or salmon.  They include a side container of Thai peanut dressing and a bread stick.

The photo above is of the ‘regular’ sized bowl which comes in at $8.99.  You can get a large bowl for only a dollar more, but in all honesty, the regular is plenty large for a single eater.  Paying the extra dollar will likely mean you have leftovers for tomorrow.

The meal itself is very good.  It is sort of difficult to find meals downtown that you could consider healthy, but this is one that falls in that category.  The Thai dressing ties together all the ingredients perfectly.  Normally I am not a big fan of coleslaw, but their ‘ginger slaw’ is one of the best parts of the meal.  It’s an American dish with a strong Thai influence.

You may want to ask for an extra container of sauce though.  The one they give you is just enough, and a little extra means you have something to dip that breadstick into.

Todd’s Score: 84/100
Nice Healthy Option, Good taste, portions are about perfect for the regular size
Cons:$9.53 (after tax) is a little pricey for a lunch, orders are not always delivered quickly

Todd’s Review of the Spicy Shrimp Bowl:

Offerdahl’s Cafe Grill - Spicy Shrimp BowlOverpriced Garbage!

I’ve wondered when I would write a review when I found a meal I actually did NOT like, well that review is this review.

When I walked into Offerdahl’s today they had a big sign advertising this bowl.  The photo I took looks quite wonderful, as wonderful as the photo they took.   However, when it came time to eating it, things went downhill rapidly.

The sauce that came with it was more like a mild mustard than anything.  It was not spicy and it was just okay enough to make about 30% of the meal edible.  Once poured on top of the bowl I began to eat.  The bowl actually has a good mix of veggies including broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, rice and of course the shrimp.  The sauce did very little to add flavor to the meal though, and I found myself eating large mouthfuls of flavorless mass.  It reminded me of cows when they chew on hay bails. chew chew chew… but nothing of any importance.

The Ginger Thai bowl I review above is quite tasty, however this meal is a $9.53 mistake. Avoid it at all costs.  To add insult to injury, I had to ask for the bread stick.  For some reason, the free bread stick you are entitled to must be ASKED FOR in order to receive.  Kind of dumb.

Todd’s score: 42/100
Pros: The grilled shrimp was actually good
Cons: The sauce is horrible and the entire meal is flavorless.  My as well eat straw.  $9 for nothing.

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