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Yolo - view from outsideIf downtown Fort Lauderdale had a flag signaling the center and heart of the city, a restaurant named YOLO would have that flag on its property.  Perhaps the best view around, YOLO is nestled in between the largest high rises and office buildings around in what makes up a small promenade for Fort Lauderdale, right on Las Olas Boulevard.

You only live once, right?  Well that’s what YOLO stands for, and they certainly deliver the experience in what is one of downtown’s most exclusive hot-spot hangouts.  Whether you are here for lunch, dinner or a fun evening with friends, this is the place to be.

TasteCritics Todd and Brandon venture to the local eatery for lunch and enjoy a beautiful view of downtown on a hot Florida day.  Passing Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s in the parking lot we wait for a table as Wayne Huizenga gets seated right before we do.  The clientèle is certainly the executives of the city as its business suits, shirts and ties everywhere you look.

Pricing for lunch is quite good considering the excellent ambiance, views of the city and fancy menu selections.  Getting seated at noon is no problem at all, but if you come 20 minutes after noon practically every table was taken.

Todd’s review of the Prime Rib Sandwich:

Yolo - Prime Rib SandwichWhile a little pricey ($16.50), the Prime Rib sandwich sort of jumped off the menu as something tasty.  The waitress gave it accolades as well, so I figured what the heck.

The menu says that the Prime Rib is served on a Garlic Toasted Ciabatta, with melted swiss and caramelized onions, served with thin cut fries.   When it arrived, it was served with a side of au jus sauce.

The Prime Rib is sliced and extremely tender and juicy, cooked perfectly.  The sandwich was abundant with caramelized onions which added a unique sweetness.  A nice amount of warm melted swiss cheese fused the sandwich together to make for a spectacular meal.  The Ciabatta bread made for the perfect compliment accessory since it was soft and thin.  All in all, the sandwich shined as a winner.

The fries were thin shoestring style which is not my favorite presentation for french fries.  It feels like you have to work to hard to get a good amount in your hands.  Also, the au jus sauce was a little on the weak side.  Had it been more robust and seasoned, it would have made for an all-star combination.  While excellent, there is one other Prime Rib Sandwich that scored a higher score, and that’s one from The Cove Restaurant in Deerfield Beach.

This meal is a dinner in a lunches clothing.  You could easily feed two people with the generous portions this meal provides.  Top it off with quality and a killer downtown view, and you’ve got a wonderful lunch that will satisfy all.  I can see why the executives flock to YOLO… to guarantee an experience, not just a lunch.

Todd’s score: 90/100
Pros: Excellent sandwich that is tender and juicy, large portions, killer downtown views, great ambiance
Cons: A little pricey ($16.50), but not bad considering the pros.

Yolo - Outdoor Fire-pit and cocktail lounge Yolo - indoor dining is elegant and classy Yolo - intimate outdoor seating with day-night tiki torches Yolo - even the bathroom kicks butt!

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