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Mr Nicks Subs - view of the restaurantMr Nick’s Sub Shoppe is really more of a stand than a restaurant.  There is no indoor seating, but there is an outdoor area that is under a canopy that seats about 30 people.  The Sub Shoppe is located on S. Andrews Avenue just a stones thrown from the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale.  You could probably walk the distance (one way) in about 10 minutes, or hop in a car for a quick ride.  Parking is no problem with a large dirt lot directly behind the shoppe, in addition to a few spaces right along side the restaurant.

They are only open on weekdays and Saturday during the extended lunch period, closing before the dinner crowd would be interested.

Their menu is simple, but big enough to offer some variety.  Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and a handful of subs they specialize in.  Pricing is affordable on just about everything.

The Shoppe is quaint and straight to the point with customers that are varied including construction workers and lawyers.  This is usually as good sign that you get good food and good value.

Todd reviews the Gourmet Steak Sub:

Mr Nicks Subs - gourmet cheese steak subWith this being my first stop at Mr. Nicks, I asked what was the “premiere sub” I should try.  Without hesitation they said their cheese steak subs.  I looked at the menu and there were 7 different varieties to try.  One stood out as unique: the “Gourmet Steak” which has steak, grilled onions sautéed in butter wine sauce and topped with mushrooms, green peppers and swiss cheese… honestly, how can you go wrong with that?

A 6″ sub will run you $5.75 with a 12″ going for $9.75.  I ordered a 6″ with chips and a coke which came to $7.75 after tax.  Not bad.

Upon returning to the office, I opened up my prize and was impressed with all the goods inside the sub roll.  The bread seemed to maintain its integrity without getting soggy (like many local restaurants have issues with).  So this was great!

This is a classic cheese steak that really did have that extra little magic.  The butter wine sauce that was used to sauté the onions had a nice mild background flavor that added to the experience rather than over power it.  I really couldn’t ask for a better sub.  The chips and drink were more for filler, and if I had it to do over again, I’d skip the chips and just get the 12″ sub.  It really was a treat.

Mr Nick’s Subs are straight to the point… You aren’t paying for ambiance, views or for extra frills, instead they give you darn good food for a good value.

Todd’s score: 88/100
Pros: That’s a good cheese steak!  The butter-wine had a subtle but fantastic flavor, good value.
Con’s: A dirt parking lot is no fun when it rains, no indoor seating.

Todd reviews the Pizza Steak Sub:

Mr Nicks Subs – Pizza Steak SubReturning a couple weeks later from my original review I thought I’d try another cheese steak, but one of a different variety.  Browsing the list of 6 or so different cheese steak opinions I finally decided on the Pizza Steak.  Steak and Provolone cheese with pizza sauce.  Simple but all ‘feel good’ ingredients.

Remembering I wanted more from the last review, I got the 12″ sub and skipped the chips.  The sub plus a large coke comes in to over $11 after tax, so its no longer a cheap meal.

They called out my order and I quickly grabbed it and chose a seat at one of their outdoor tables.  I was pleasantly surprised how big the sub was, but at the same time knew I couldn’t eat it all.

Mr Nick’s delivered another consistently good sub with  good seasoned steak and lots of provolone cheese.  Pizza sauce was ladled over top to add a little extra flavor.  After a few bites I was missing some of the other items the Gourmet sub had (like the sauteed onions and green peppers), but it was still a good sub without these.

In conclusion, I’ll score this sub a little less because the 12″ has a littleless value and this particular sub wasn’t quite quite as good as the Gourmet Steak Sub.  However, it was still a satisfying and tasty meal!  You really can’t go wrong.

Todd’s Score: 82/100
Pros: huge sub makes for a satisfying meal, steak and cheese are top notch.
Cons: $11 is a bit much for a 12″ sub, pizza sub is a little too plain for my likings (I wanted the green peppers and onions again).

Mr Nicks Subs - easy menu and ordering Mr Nicks Subs - outdoor seating under canopy

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